Redefining Culture and Business

Itopia Life is reframing the whole idea of how a company can combine culture, business and centuries-old tradition with pro-social change, modern health and the vibrant style and essence of the Caribbean.

From our headquarters in Jamaica, we’re establishing an integrated multi-national network of cannabis operations throughout the Caribbean and the world. We’re directly engaging in, and consulting on, cannabis research and development, public policy, cultivation, production and distribution across various locations.

What We Do


ITOPIA LIFE has established a sun-grown medical cannabis greenhouse and field operations and is among the first set of licensed medical cannabis cultivators in Jamaica. Our team has a combined 30+ years of experience with the cultivation of medical cannabis across different climates and conditions.


Retail & Herb House

Our flagship dispensary at 10A West King’s House Rd, Kingston supplies superior medical cannabis . Patients have the option to consume on site with two relaxing and tasteful consumption rooms.

Additional locations are slated to be opened in 2019.


Our production facility in St Ann, Jamaica will serve as our main processing site. It will be equipped to trim, dry, store, weigh and package large volumes of medical cannabis. Extraction, and other value-added processes, will also take place at the site.


Research & Development

We’ve partnered with the University of the West Indies to ensure the strictest compliance to quality and safety and develop new treatment options for patients.


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